Friday, April 9, 2010

Take your cat to work day

So today is "Take your cat to work day". Bet you didn't know that! Actually, neither did my boss. Fortunately, he's not fussing. See, the thing is, I'm leaving at noon today to go to the cottage for the weekend. Gallileo usually comes with me on these weekend trips. It's good for him to run around and play with his sister and it's good for the other cats to have some kitten-free time. Normally, I work a full day on Friday, go home, pick the cat up and go. Since we're leaving midday today, that scenario doesn't work. So, to prevent an extra hour or so of driving, I decided to bring him with. And, it's working out. He's found a quiet corner by my desk behind the server and is just chilling. Whew! Now there's just the matter of extracting him when it's time to leave....

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